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Educational Research Quarterly
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Reviewers Wanted

Professionals interested in reviewing manuscripts for the Educational Research Quarterly are invited to apply to the editor for a position on the Review Board. To be selected, the applicant must have a solid and continuous publication record in peer reviewed journals. He or she must also be prepared to devote the necessary time to adequately review manuscripts.

The editor should receive a cover letter with all contact information and a brief statement on specific areas of interest. This will help in matching manuscripts to reviewers. Also, a detailed list of all publications should accompany the letter. Knowledge of APA format is essential, as that is the style guide used in this publication.

Materials may be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Educational Research Quarterly
Olatunde Ogunyemi, Editor
PO Box 571
Grambling, LA 71245
Phone: 318-235-3927 (office)

REVIEW BOARD [August 2010]

Mark A. Albanese, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kevin Barlow, University of Texas, Arlington
Dennis Beck, University of Arkansas
F. Stephan Burgess, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Earl Cheek, Louisiana State University
Joseph Claudet, Texas Tech University
M. Jerry Cline, Emeritus, Virginia Tech University
Elias Clinton, Piedmont College
Sherry Cormier, Louisiana State University
Richard Dodson, Murray State University
A. Gary Dworkin, University of Houston
Holmes Finch, Ball State University
Jerry Brooksher Gee, Nicholls State University
Glen Earthman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Elaine Foster, Grambling State University
Robert J. Gerardi, Rowan University
Bert F. Green, Johns Hopkins University
Marlynn Griffin, Georgia Southern University
Ronald Hambleton, University of Massachusetts
John C. Houtz, Fordham University
Aaron Hughey, Western Kentucky University
Carol Jackson, Grambling State University
Mahmoud Kaddoura, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Esther K. Leung, Eastern Kentucky University
Jane Clark Lindle, University of Kentucky
Samuel A. Livingston, Educational Testing Service
Jon Lorence, University of Houston
Jean H. Lowe, American Council on Education
Liangyue Lu, Grambling State University
Jane Neil Luster, Louisiana State University
Na’im Madyum, University of Minnesota
T.F. McLaughlin, Gonzaga University
Steven Melnick, Alvernia University
Alejandro E. Menendez, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Molly K. Ness, Fordham University
Kathryn Newman, Grambling State University
Cynthia Northington-Purdie, William Patterson University
Olatunde Ogunyemi, Grambling State University
Steven J. Osterlind, University of Missouri
Joseph Pedulla, Boston College
William F. Pinar, Louisiana State University
Zhaogang Qiao, Community Training and Assistance Center
Ann Robinson, University of Arkansas
Rhonda Robinson, Northern Illinois University
Julia Johnson Rothenberg, Russell Sage College
Liora Schmelkin, Hofstra University
David Shannon, Auburn University
Evelyn Shepherd-Wynn, Grambling State University
Natesha Smith, Zayed University
Lisa Smulyan, Swarthmore College
Muriel Stockburger, Eastern Kentucky University
Bruce Strom, Carroll College
Hoi Suen, Pennsylvania State University
Daniel Tanner, Florida State University
C. Kenneth Tanner, University of Georgia
Jon S. Twing, Pearson Educational Services
Reginald Wilson, American Council on Education
Paul Wirtz, Eastern Kentucky University
Thomas D. Yawkey, Pennsylvania State University